Opera for Peace Welcomes Emerging Artist Soprano Betty Garcés

18th November 2020

The Opera for Peace team is delighted to welcome a special Emerging Artist to our collective. Soprano Betty Garcés, from Buenaventura, Colombia, is an important talent with an inspirational story. She was introduced to us via our colleagues at Ópera Latinoamérica, and proposed by Corporación Cultural InterColombia to be an emerging artist of Opera for Peace. Opera Latinoamérica have supported Betty through their extraordinary ESCENA DIGITAL platform, and beyond. In collaboration with OLA, we have also connected Betty with two Opera for Peace mentors – mezzo-soprano & Advisor Denyce Graves, and tenor & Ambassador Brian Jagde. Betty is also greatly admired in her home country and followed by leading cultural projects there, including the world famous Festival Internacional de Música Sacra de Bogotá.


” My life has been marked by unexpected events, and now I can say that I am grateful for them, since they have somehow unleashed the thread of purpose connecting with very big dreams. It is wonderful to look back at each of these chapters, to see how, despite the difficulties and gaps, doors have been opening along the way that mark the fulfillment of the deepest longings step by step…A few months ago due to the pandemic, like many other artists, things got complicated and it was not possible for me to look forward and continue visualizing my path. With the support of these wonderful teachers, colleagues and friends, the faith in a God who turns our regret into dance, the courage, the dedication, the passion and the hope, today I have the opportunity to be here. And it is an honor, a privilege, an infinite joy to be part of the wonderful family of “Opera for Peace”! Many thanks to this wonderful movement for creating a place where these loving hearts consecrated to opera and the arts, who dream of revolutionizing our society and causing the awakening of the values that our world needs to rescue, can meet, share, collaborate and grow”-Betty Garcés, soprano