Opera for Peace – recipient of the Moleskine Foundation Creativity Pioneers Fund 2022

14th December 2022

We are honored to announce that Opera for Peace is among one of the 2022 recipients of the Creativity Pioneers Fund by Moleskine Foundation, recognizing our efforts in the field of Creativity for Social Change! Congratulations to all of our fellow winners from across the globe.


The Creativity Pioneers Fund was launched in 2021 to provide flexible funding support to creative and cultural organizations, sustaining essential functions and programs throughout the COVID pandemic to strengthen their ability to continue to serve their communities for the longer term. The overarching objective of the Fund is to place creativity at the centre of more inclusive, equal, just and thriving communities.


The Fund is administered by the Moleskine Foundation, in partnership with a growing number of resource partners, to change societies for the better through creativity, art and innovation.


For more information, follow the link:

Creativity Pioneers Fund