Opera for Peace & Lerici Music Festival collaboration

1st August 2020

Opera for Peace is delighted to launch an important collaboration with Lerici Music Festival in Italy. This was announced at the Press Conference on August 1st at the Teatro della Rotonda Vassallo, by Opera for Peace General Director & Co-founder Julia Lagahuzère, the President and Artistic Director of the Lerici Music Festival, Maestro Gianluca Marcianò and the head of the festival, Maurizio Roi. This long-term partnership dedicated to the emerging talents of the work will continue in the future. To see the entire event, visit this link: https://bit.ly/2FrLejX


“Since its inception, Opera for Peace has created a great interest around the world both for its purposes and for the international stars who have decided to become ambassadors. I immediately followed this initiative considering the level of the founders, including Paolo Petrocelli, Julia Lagahuzère and Dmitry Vdovin and my passion for cultural diplomacy through the music,” Maestro Gianluca Marciano says about the partnership.


To celebrate the exceptional collaboration on the same day, in the evening Opera for Peace presented a concert at Rotonda Vassallo. The event featured Maestro Gianluca Marcianò at the piano, and three talented singers – Opera for Peace Advisor soprano Sumi Jo, mezzo-soprano Linwei Guo and baritone Enrico di Geronimo. Tickets are available to watch the stream at the link below: http://bit.ly/ofp_lerici_2020


We would like to thank everyone who supported us in this very special experience. Special thanks to the mass media that highlighted the event.

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