Opera for Peace – Leading Young Voices of the World

5th October 2019

Opera for Peace – Leading Young Voices of the World is announced as a new leading international cultural nonprofit organization, promoting unity through artistic excellence, global collaborations, and social justice endeavors.


To read the launch press release, visit the following link.


Mission, Vision, Ambitions & Values


Opera for Peace is a new cultural movement reflecting the reality of today’s globalized world, building our cultural and creative future together through passion and determination.


We believe in the strength of connecting nations and transcending differences through the unifying communication of opera.


We strongly aspire for the advancement of this lyric art form and promoting positive universal values – most importantly, mutual respect, whilst working towards a common goal of artistic excellence. Opera for Peace aims to promote the art form of opera in all countries around the world.


We are also aware that the personal development of an artist includes an awareness of the position they hold in society. This special status gives them the opportunity to communicate their convictions about the most serious concerns humanity faces, topics outlined by the World Economic Forum: climate change, security, inequality, poverty, civil rights, in addition to mental health and body positivity.