Opera for Peace at the United Nations Geneva

29th December 2021

Our participation was centered around the idea that our sponsors want to get close to the artists to understand how these people react, reply and communicate to the world through their art, but they also want to know how their investment will make an impact on the world. So we go one step further – and that step is ensuring that through their unique artistic identity – a point which is a fresh spin on the value of diversity – each artist develops into a social entrepreneur with financial autonomy, an acute awareness of the current world and what they can contribute from having been part of our innovative projects, which leads to a feeling of belonging and responsibility to transmit in turn these values to their peers, communities, and in time to the next generations.


These people are our Opera for Peace artists, our Ambassadors, the very special individuals that carry the weight of changing the world for the better through creative communication and shared emotion. We spoke about soprano Betty Garcés, Opera for Peace Emerging Artist, and her journey from the war-torn streets of Buenaventura, Colombia, to being nominated Forbes Creative 2020.


This is the special multiplier effect that we all strive for – positive change that doesn’t just stop at one artist but that inspires a village, a country, a whole generation of young people that believe that yes, through hard work and success, opera is also for them, and that culture is indeed a viable career choice to be able to sustain themselves and feed their families.