Network Expansion

7th September 2020

Opera for Peace aims to include and represent every part of the performing arts industry and is excited to announce the addition of stage directors to its network. These professionals are at the summit of their careers, and are committed to our values and to making a positive impact: Dmitry Tcherniakov joins us as an Advisor and Damiano Michieletto joins us as an Ambassador.


“I am proud to be named Advisor for Opera for Peace alongside many wonderful colleagues and institutions. I believe this new movement will play an important role in developing our art-form and our society as a whole, giving opportunities to diverse young artists from all countries in the world. I look forward to guiding these talents which in turn will inspire my own creativity.”Dmitry Tcherniakov


“I am happy to be part of a great artistic and human project and to contribute to its sharing of ideas and development of talent. Theatre and music unite us all, going beyond national and political lines and barriers. It’s good to be able to pass on my experience!”Damiano Michieletto


We are also delighted to welcome two stage directors as Emerging Artists: Xolane Marman, South Africa and Aria Umezawa, Canada.


Internationally acclaimed soprano Angel Blue joins us as an Ambassador, and we are incredibly honored to welcome the legendary mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves as an Advisor.


“Community is a fundamental aspect of the experience of music, it can unite people and form bonds that might not exist otherwise. It connects us culturally and promotes diversity and growth as well as encourages creative thinking, discipline and problem solving. I am proud to join forces with Opera for Peace and its mission to promote cultural understanding and to confront social issues across the globe, understanding that we are more alike than unalike.”Denyce Graves


Future plans include additional artistic positions and areas of expertise.