Betty Garcés


The Soprano Betty Garcés Bedoya has traveled the five continents sharing her deep musical curiosity with classical music lovers in very renowned venues. Born in Buenaventura, on the shores of the Colombian Pacific coast, Betty Garcés performs a beautiful and rising career as the first Afro Colombian lyric singer at international level.


Betty Garcés has participated in Opera productions, Concerts and numerous Recitals in famous venues in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Germany, England, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, USA, Singapore, The Philippines, Thailand, China and Australia, in venues such as the Parco della Música in Rome, Teatro Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogota, the Melba Hall in Melbourne, the emblematic Churches of St. Eustache in Paris, and St. Patrick’s in New York, as well as the National Opera America Center in New York City.


Betty Garcés received with honors the title in Music and Voice Performance at the Antonio Maria Valencia Conservatory in Cali, under the direction of Professor Ivonne Giraldo. Afterwards she continued her studies of improvement in Cologne, where she also obtained with honors the title of Master of Arts, of the Superior School of Music of Cologne, with specialization in Opera, Lied and Dramatic Arts, under the direction of Professor Klesie Kelly Moog. She was also member of the Solo Klasse – Konzertexamen program of the Superior School of Music, Theater and Media of Hannover, where she specialized in Oratorio and Concert under the direction of Professor Gudrun Pelker.

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