Opera for Peace – Leading Voices of the World
is an award-winning non-profit organization that develops high-level careers for the greatest talents coming from six continents, many of whom would not have had these opportunities otherwise. They in turn commit to inspiring the next generations of artists and audiences.

Worldwide and for everyone

JULIA LAGAHUZÈRE, Co-founder & General Director

"We select our Opera for Peace artists based on their exceptional talent and motivation to build a professional career. We also look at their commitment to supporting emerging artists and their desire to become citizen artists and entrepreneurs with societal responsibility. This is our "social pact," at the very heart of our program. When we look at the work accomplished over the past years it is clear that we have established a network and a community of unique artists that inspire future generations of artists by becoming new models for opera on an international level."

Nicole Car, Soprano

Our Values

We value artistic excellence, global connections and a passion for mentorship. Drawing on the cultural heritage of lyric art, to which we attribute a strong unifying force, we work to develop dialogue and mutual understanding between operatic artists, offering them a professional development program and performance opportunities.

"Music is the language of souls. For me, singing is communication through music that connects people. That’s a gift that we need to share with the world and to send an important message." Ying Fang
The finest international artists come together in collaboration with global partners to create the future of Opera

A new cultural movement

Our Work

Through our academies, master classes, and other activities we provide special support to artists from under-resourced backgrounds across the globe, promoting social justice and accessible education.

These artists will also learn to become financially self-sufficient social entrepreneurs, acquiring a keen awareness of today's world and what they can contribute by being part of our innovative projects. This gives them a sense of belonging and responsibility, enabling them in turn to pass on these values to their peers, their communities, and ultimately to future generations.

This "multiplier effect" will bring about a positive change that will not stop with a single artist or the world of opera, rather it can inspire a village, a region, and an entire generation of talented creatives.

"As artists, we’ve already devoted ourselves to our craft, but we’re seeing the need to devote our art back to our communities and the world. This movement to unite is truly the way forward." Ailyn Pérez
We have established a global network working in six continents, serving as a reference for emerging artists
"The beauty of being transported into another place during an artistic experience like opera is amazing. With all the problems of the world, music has a very important place in society. It is uplifting, inspiring, and informative." Lawrence Brownlee

Our ambitions are limitless

“ The unamplified voice resonates to the core of the human soul, to the center of who we are as people. Exposing wider audiences to opera will broaden the perspective of how peace can be achieved through harmony, beauty, and collaboration.” Brian Jagde

Image credits

Zeina Barhoum – Image by Valentina Stefanelli; Lawrence Brownlee – Image by Shervin Lainez; Nicole Car – Image by Yan Bleney; Rihab Chaieb – Image by Fay Fox; Etienne Dupuis – Image by Julien Faugere; Ying Fang – Image by Dario Acosta; Thomas Hampson – Image by Jiyang Chen; Soloman Howard – Image by Jon Adjahoe; Brian Jagde – Image by Simon Pauly; Sumi Jo – Image by Youngho Kang; Dmitry Korchak – Image by Pavel Vaan; Isabel Leonard – Image by Fay Fox; Jakub Józef Orlinski – Image by Jiyang Chen; Lisette Oropesa – Image by Jason Homa; Ailyn Pérez – Image by Marshall Light Studio; Luca Pisaroni – Image by Catherine Pisaroni; Anthony Roth Costanzo – Image by Matthew Placek; Daniele Rustioni – Image by Cofano; Golda Schultz – Image by Dario Acosta; Christian Van Horn – Image by Simon Pauly; Lidiya Yankovskaya – Image by Kate Lemmon